The ATTIC studios story

We are Attic studios, a Sound Design & Music Production studio based in Belgrade, Serbia.

In our search of creating a unique Sonic experience, we have come across almost every imaginable visual art form. Pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through music and sound and making the visuals come alive has become our passion and our necessity. 

Attic is led by composers and sound designers Mićun Jauković and Dako Puač. A common artistic vision and overwhelming enthusiasm helped to form a strong professional and creative partnership dating way back to the university days.

Attic Studios team cooperated with various renowned artists and took part in numerous award-winning projects. The will to constantly evolve and look for the best outcome in a given moment made all those creative collaborations possible and allowed Attic to become widely recognized in the field. We provide a wide range of audio production services: composing Original Music, creating unique Sound Design, VO, Immersive experiences, doing the final Mix.

Constantly Experimenting with different approaches in Sound Design and Music helped us create our own unique artistic style over the years and it’s still growing! And we hope it will continue to do so for many, many years to come!

Who we are

Mićun Jauković

Founder, Composer, Sound Designer

Dako Puač

Founder, Composer, Sound Designer

ATTIC studios - Creative audio solutions for Visual media

E: studio@atticstudios.org

t: +381 65 2426281

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